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The Ayers Group is an Australian-owned and managed full-scale payroll and contractor management company, providing services designed to optimise your workforce potential.

We deliver migration solutions, an innovative and streamlined payroll management system, and contractor management solutions to a wide span of clients. From contractors to recruitment agencies, consulting companies and various corporations across Australia and New Zealand, we’re experts within this sector. No matter how big or small your business is, we’re committed to helping you optimise your work life by providing end-to-end outsourcing and management services.

Contractor Management with Ayers

Ayers is an Australian-owned and managed payroll and contractor management company delivering innovative and streamlined payroll, migration, HR and contractor management solutions to contractors, recruitment agencies, consulting companies and corporations across Australia and New Zealand.

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The The Ayers Group Difference

In an industry as complicated and opaque as immigration, ensure that you, have the right guide. The Ayers Group has been supporting people around the world, helping them realise their personal and business goals in Australia. The Ayers Group delivers a service unlike any other company. The difference with working with The Ayers Group is that we’re passionate about what we do, and it shows in our innovative and dedicated approach to supporting our clients.

The Ayers Group has a broad area of expertise and is able to assist in developing solutions for both corporate and individual clients. For our Australian business partners, we offer:

Individuals looking to work in Australia can avail themselves of a wide range of services:

Choosing The Ayers Group as your partner ensures that the support you need to resolve your issues is always close at hand. Whether you’re an individual looking for employment in Australia or a company wanting to hire the best the world has to offer, allow us to support you.

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Internationally trusted for more than two decades, our dedicated team work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals. We take a comprehensive approach to our partnerships, proactively looking for ways in which we can better support our clients. Our experienced team can help you avoid costly time-consuming pitfalls associated with the immigration process, allowing you to put your resources to better use. Allow us to take care of issues if and when they occur, giving you more time to focus on what’s important.

Start a discussion with our team today to find out how we can assist you. Contact our Pyrmont office on 1300 767 391 or send us your questions via our contact form and one of our staff will be in touch.